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Tel Aviv Kabbalah Education Center

Tel Aviv Kabbalah Education Center hosts 1,000s of people from around the Israel coming together at the Rachel's Tomb to discover the force of connection and love.

Our Center is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the connection with the spiritual force that binds us. In the past, tasting the supreme spiritual experience the wisdom of Kabbalah describes was limited only for few. Today, however, Kabbalists have lifted the veil over the wisdom, making it available to all.

Join our Center for lessons, workshops, meals and other activities that will open new experiences and insights into the reality we all share.



11:00 AM

What is Reality? Do You Live in a Reality or in a Dream? Why Your Intention Is the Only Place Where Reality Changes?


08:00 PM

The Language of Kabbalah. What Is the Law of Root and Branch? What Does it Mean to Attain Spirituality?


10:30 AM

Free Choise. How You Are Completely Controlled in Every Aspect of Your Life and Why You Still Think You Can Achieve Freedom? How to Build Your Own Social Environmental Influence that Lets You Discover Your Freedom?


06:00 PM

Sefirot, Partzufim, Worlds and Souls. What are the Four Phases of Direct Light? What Is the Soul? What Is the Meaning of the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge & How Is Where You Are Today Related to It?


11:00 AM

Kabbalah in society. What Is Love? Can You Love the Creator Without Loving Other People? What Is Good and Evil?


08:00 PM

Attaining Spirituality. How to Discover the Single Force of Love Acting in Every Life Situation? The Secret Formula for Attaining the Deepest Form of Independence: Independence from What You Currently Think You Are?


09:30 AM

Methodology of the Study of Kabbalah. Fundamentals of the Methodology: How to Work with the Means of Spiritual Attainment in Order to Attain the Spiritual Goal?


10:30 AM

What is Kabbalah? How Changing the Way You Define “Kabbalah,” ”Creator” and “Creation” Changes the Way You Look at Your Whole Life? Who Are You? Where Did You Come From? Where Are You Headed? History of the Wisdom of Kabbalah.


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